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that's some bad hat, harry. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right now the extreme heat, d.c. is wrapping up its hottest day in 14 years and across the region we hit triple digits. will we get any relief this weekend? plus 20 metrobus drivers fires, hundreds of others us
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intended because of something they did while -- suspended because of something they did while on the road. but we begin with a developing story on capitol hill, house and senate squaring off in the debt ceiling debate with the economy hanging in the balance. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm laura evans. this evening the house speaker is passed their bill to avoid a default and a little over an hour ago the senate killed it. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is live following the developments. where does this leave us now? >> reporter: the sad fact is we were essentially at an impasse tonight. what has happened is this. the house went ahead and passed speaker john boehner's rewritten bill tonight that includes a balanced budget amendment. that went over to the senate who voted that bill down. what they have done now is legislated themself into a draw tonight. so if you want to listen so what's going on here, all you have to do is listen to speaker
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boehner, listen to leader reid tonight. here's a portion of what they had to say this evening. >> a lot of people this this town can never say yes. a lot of people can never say yes. this house has acted and it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle put something on the table. tell us where you are. >> to think with a straight face that they sent us something that the american people would accept, the cap and cut, whatever that and then this thing, that's not legislation. that is an extravaganza over there that made them all look very foolish. >> reporter: so essentially what you have tonight is both houses of congress having locked on a collision course over this $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. the house passed the speaker's bill. the senate quickly voted to table it. now republicans are preventing
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senator reid from going forward on his compromise proposal. both houses, the senate and the house of representatives, will be in session tomorrow. we are expecting a very long weekend and that august 2nd deadline on tuesday is looking like it's getting closer every day. >> all right. tom fitzgerald, thank you. stand by. we want to bring in bob sue contact, managing editor of the -- bob cusack, managing editor of the hill. i think no one is surprised by the developments today, but what is a little surprising is still how far part and how intensely emotional these two sides are with each other. >> absolutely. i am stunned that they have not at least started to come closer together. we're just days away. we don't have a deal. there's a lot of talk about process, you have to have a bipartisan deal. there's no way you can get 60 votes in the senate without the parties coming together. congress is a great constitution. i cover, it but it is now showing its ugliest stripes with the spotlight so bright
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and that's why congressional approval numbers on both sides are in the toilet. is it unbelievable that they don't have -- it is unbelievable that they don't have a deal and obviously this is going to look bad for everybody, the democrats, president obama and republicans in the house. >> and neither side willing to budge. we've heard that all day long. this is a dangerous game of chicken playing out. do you see any path to a deal at this point? >> i think they will reach a deal over the weekend. the stock market has been jittery, but it has not plunged, at least a lot in one day. that could happen monday or tuesday. i really don't think that we'll get a deal signed into law by august 2nd. i haven't thought that for weeks and i'm still sickened by that prediction. i do think there could be a deal and it could take going past august 2nd, august 3rd, august 4th, maybe august 5th, but as lock as there's a deal the stock -- long as there's a deal the stock market i think will remain somewhat stable, but come monday if there is no deal, we can see the stock
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market plunge 800 points just like on the bailout bill. right now it's unbelievable. harry reid just had that press conference half an hour ago. they are so far apart it's really stunning. >> tom fitzgerald, i want to bring you back into this, bob saying by monday if they still don't have a deal, we're in a dire situation and president obama may have to draw on the 14th amendment powers that he has. tell us, explain what that 14th amendment could do here. >> reporter: we've all gotten a lesson in this over the past couple days exactly what's in the 14th amendment. there is language in the 14th amendment to the success of the united states that says, "the debt of the united states shall not be questioned." house minority whip jim clay burn came out this week with several other members of congress saying the president of the united states may because this has never been done before use that clause in the 14th amendment to move forward and on his own
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essentially raised the debt -- raise the debt ceiling by himself. again, this has never happened before. nobody has ever exercised that provision of the 14th amend. nobody really knows whether or not that can be done -- amendment. nobody really knows whether or not that can be done. white house secretary james carney was asked about this several times and we have to be blunt. the white house was not very eager about that option. carney was asked about it several times and there's no precedent for this frankly. all sides seem to agree the way forward is legislatively. if the senate can get together with house members and right now leader reid's bill may lead the path on that if senator mcconnell can work something out, but this 14th amendment issue was raised but it didn't really get off the ground. >> so bob, back to you, what needs to happen now to to reach a compromise? >> it has to start in the senate to get 60 votes and you've got to get harry reid and mitch mcconnell to come
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together. they both want to avoid default. i think that's where it starts. the wildcard is the house because a lot of the house democrats want to use the 14th amendment. so they'll vote no. they're also not fond of this reid plan. so there's tension on the democratic side, a lot of house democrats not pleased with the president on the entitlement reforms he's put on, so john boehner clearly has a problem with his tea party we saw this week and democrats on capitol hill especially in the house may not go along with what president obama wants in the end. they could even get a deal through the senate and i think it may not pass the house. this is a rubik's cube of sorts and they have not solved it. this is going to get very dramatic on every the next 72 to 100 hours. >> bob sue contact managing editor of the hill -- cusack managing editor of the hill and tom fitzgerald, thank you. another big story we're following, the heat is on again, the d.c. region hitting record high temperatures today. all three airports reached
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temps over 100 degrees. fox 5's gary mcgrady is in the weather center. it just keeps getting hotter and hotter. is there any relief in sight at all? >> there is. keep in mind this 104 degrees that we had today which was a record hadn't had this kind of heat since august of 1997, it's just a one day wonder, okay? at least this extreme stuff is not going to stick around. we'll cool back down a little bit heading into the weekend. we're talking about this. did you realize that last year we tied for the hottest july ever. well this, year no. we're surpassing that. we're going to the hottest july ever. that's pretty much a done deal. still a couple more days left, but barring any unusual cooling event i don't think that's going to happen. we had record highs today at all three major airports, dulles, reagan and bwi. dulles was 103, bwi 101 and national i just mentioned temperature was 104 degrees,
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all of those records. august 17th, 1990. >> 7 last day it was this hot -- 1997 last day it was this hot and this is the third day in the month over 100 degrees, 12th day in a row we've had 90 plus temperatures and we could have several more. a little cooling for the weekend, full forecast coming up. you heard him say a little relief is in sight but not much and the hottest july on record is still causing problems out there. fox 5's roz plater is on heat patrol tonight and joins us live from northwest. >> reporter: it's been so hot for so long we barely had any time to recover and you still have to go to work and try and have a little fun. tonight we checked in on a restaurant and some diehard baseball fans. it's f just looking at this oven makes your temperature rise, imagine working around and trying to cool your restaurant with the heat outside giving your oven rain
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for its money. , but that's what mike jones has been facing a couple weeks now at his chicken tortilla restaurant on capitol hill. his three air conditioners are working overtime and so is his refrigerator. >> it cannot compensate over 100 degrees. it just simply shuts itself down and now we're having a massive decline. we've had to force all of our food that is likely to spoil quickly, we've had to move it into the freezer, into other storage cooler spaces in order to save it. last week we lost over 60 birds. >> reporter: to add to his economic woes, new customers are venturing out in the heat. but not far away some diehard baseball fans are braving the heat pouring into the stadium as the nat take on the mets. they've come -- nats take on the mets. they've come prepared and hope their best laid plans will keep them cool. >> i'm going to have my fan and drink lots of water and maybe a beer. >> reporter: you've got sane visor. >> that's to keep the glare out of my eyes and i'm going to
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think cool thought so i don't think about how hot it is. >> reporter: after all these regulars have had a little experience. >> came last summer and it was hot, but you just learn to take breaks during the innings, grab lots of water, wear a hat. >> reporter: the hardest part may have been just getting here. >> well, i didn't realize it was going to be quite this hot, but it is very human. so drink lots of water and -- humid, so drink lots of water and maybe a beer later on. >> reporter: much later. >> much later. >> reporter: d.c. fire and ems says not as many people get overcome by the heat in that stadium as you might think, usually a dozen and usually the key for them is to get them into a much cooler room, get them hydrated and most of those folks get right back out to watch the game. we are monitoring metro tonight, the agency taking a hardline approach against bus drivers who have been using their phones while operating a bus. 20 bus drivers have been fired,
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hundreds of others suspended for breaking other rules. how does metro know about all this? it's all caught on camera. fox 5's matt ackland is in the newsroom with more. >> these cameras are on all buses when the bus makes a sudden move like slamming on the brakes or swerving, the camera comes on for 12 seconds. when it does, it captures exactly what the driver is doing. >> reporter: metro has said over and over safety is priority 1 and they mean business. with video evidence to back them up metro administrators say they have had no other choice but to fire 20 drivers. >> we found that 20 operators over the last few months have been using their cell phones in non-revenue service meeting without passengers, but they're still driving the bus. >> reporter: hundreds of drivers were suspended for other violations, running red lights and speeding just to name a few. the bus drivers know when they are being recorded. the red light comes on and the
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bus makes a sudden move. >> the camera is attached to the windshield and the red light comes on when the clip is taken. >> reporter: so what do riders think? dee williams says her bus experience has been great recently. >> so far they've been driving real good so far. i've been lucky. >> reporter: but a much different story from cash young. >> every now and again i'll see somebody texting on the bus. >> reporter: but cash admits she saw a little progress just today. >> they actually got off the gus use their phone and then got back on. i -- bus, use their phone and then got back on. >> reporter: there is good news. the cameras turned on over 1,000 times since last february, 80% of them that came on during sudden stops or swerves actually the cameras were turned on for the right reasons. in those cases the bus drivers stopped quickly to avoid an accident and basically just doing things to keep passengers safe. >> what have you heard from the
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drivers? >> reporter: we tried to get comment from the drivers union this afternoon, but so far our call have not been returned. >> matt ackland, thank you. a terrifying night for a fairfax county family. police say an armed man kidnapped them, then took them for a wild car it didn't end there. plus the skins taking the field for the first time this training camp. you'll hear from coach shanahan coming up next. 
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a terrifying night for a fairfax county family. a man burst into their home, took a mother, father, children and a friend hostage and forced them all to take a ride. fox 5's john henrehan has the details. >> reporter: carpenter and handyman henny bulls has a habit of taking late night bicycle rides outside herndon, virginia. thursday night he was pedaling on a deserted unlit roadway. >> it was pretty dark. i had no lights on the bicycle
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and then i saw by accident some people in the corner and they were yelling and running after me and i said oh, that's scary. better go away. so i turned around because i felt something was -- it was an emergency. >> reporter: a whole family who also live in the dulles green apartments told mr. bulls they had just been released on that roadway by a kidnapper, but the family father who had been put in the trunk of the car was still missing. the incident started around 9:30 p.m. when the family mother left the apartment unlocked as she put out the trash. a violent intruder armed with a knife and possibly a gun slipped into the unit and took everyone hostage. neighbor sean robertson spoke with the victims. >> they said he hit the mother in front of the child. the little kid was along for the ride, too. the two young guys were assaulted. i saw blood on the back shirt of one of the guys. so he did a job on them. >> reporter: the intruder
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forced the family to drive to an automatic material machine at -- teller machine at a nearby bank of america before dropping them off one by one on the deserted roadway. according to what the family said, the bad guy parked the car here with the father in the trunk. after a few minutes the father sensing the car isn't moving anymore pops the trunk, gets out, gets in the car and starts looking for his still missing family. by then police had arrived on the scene, but the kidnapper who had worn a mask had slipped away. in fairfax county john henrehan, fox 5 news. roger clemens asking a judge to throw out his indictment on charges of lying to congress and prevent a second trial in the case. clemens' perjury trial abruptly ended in a mistrial after the prosecution used testimony the judge ordered them not to use. clemens' lawyers claim prosecutors did it intentionally because their case was not going well and say a second trial would violate
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clemens' constitutional right against double jeopardy. redskins training camp has begun and today players finally got to work out at redskins park. lindsay murphy joins us now to tell me all about it. i know it's early. tell me about the skins. >> would you judge me with one show without any makeup on? >> no. >> these guys only running around in t-shirts, helmet and shorts. they're not even allowed to hit net. 60 of 90 players came, but they had no free agents which also makes it tough. you can't actually see them until august 4th. so don't judge yet. it's a bit too early. there's mike shanahan, one happy camper today taking the field as the second year head coach of the redskins. he's got a lot of work ahead of them. he signed the draft picks and picked up some good free agents. now he's got to get everybody caught up on the playbook after
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not having contact with his players in months. the last two days the redskins traded haynesworth and mcnabb and this may be the last time we speak about them for a while. after today's workout shanahan addressed both players starting with mcnabb. >> i thought if he did fit within our system and did the right things he could be a top notch player for us and at the end of the day it just didn't work out quite the way we wanted it to. that doesn't mean donovan can't still play at a very high level. i think the world of him. he really handled himself in a class manner, but in the best interest of this organization and evaluating everything i thought it was better to go on. albert was going to be here. if we traded him, he wasn't going to come to our camp. so i knew we were going to go on after this year. thankfully we did get a trade and it worked out well for albert and new england, obviously worked out well for us as well. >> it seems like a good thing the book is finally closed on these two. >> i hope so because now we can
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find some other reason to make excuses. find new excuses now. >> one other big thing that happened today, ryan kerrigan suffered a bone bruise and a hyperextended knee, not what you want to do in your first ever pro practice. mri results came back negative, but he's expected to miss a couple days. >> thank you very much. >> at least they've worked out a deal there, though. >> at least. let's get back to that developing story on capitol hill and the debt ceiling debate. what is it going to cost you and me if a debt ceiling deal does not get done on time? we'll walk you through the credit consequences coming up next. 
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more now on our top story, the debt ceiling debate now entering a critical phase. what if congress can't meet
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tuesday's deadline? what will happen next and will you end up paying the price? fox's james rosen reports. >> reporter: you heard president obama make this connection again this morning between the debt that the federal government is wrestling over and debt to me. >> a lower credit rating would result potentially in a tax increase on everyone in the form of higher interest rate on their mortgages, car loans, credit cards and that's inexcusable. >> reporter: translate that from beltwayese and it means more debt to me. this is all unchartered territory, but economists estimated if that happens the treasury department would swiftly raise the yield on its offerings because uncle sam has been stamped as a yuckier borrow, so he has to make his -- a riskier borrower, so he has to make himself a more attractive creditor.
10:27 pm
now banks are paying more interest to keep all the deposits in their checking and savings accounts and the banks will pass the interest costs onto the borrowers. let's say you need a car loan. your interest rate will jump up to about 4.5%. your monthly payment will go up by about $2 a month. doesn't sound so bad, but remember that projection is based on the median car loan in the united states which is $10,000, lots of people borrowing more than that for their car and consequently will pay more per month. what about your home loan? let's look at that. the median debt on a home in this country is $165,000. remember, it's much higher here in the nation's capital and other big expensive cities, but based on that figure if your interest rate spikes by half a percentage point to five points, your monthly payment will go up by about $50 per month and that will cost you about we calculate 5 hundreds more per year. >> that -- $500 more per year. >> that would push down the number of buyers for particular types of houses and put the
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real estate market into even more of a slump than it is today. >> reporter: remember, there are some interest rate hikes we these are some of the real life consequences of this extraordinary political drama that has been grinding on between the white house, the treasury secretary, members of congress on capitol hill both parties. that's why you can look at all these people regardless of party and say you are debt to me. in washington james rosen, fox news. a construction accident at a casino site turns deadly, what went wrong. plus drama in the courtroom as the ft. hood bombing suspect makes his first appearance before a judge. we're back in three minutes. 
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. tragedy at the sight of a new casino in maryland, a wall being built next to the anne arundel mall collapsed at the construction site killing one
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worker and injuring another. 21-year-old leon ray sachs died on the scene. fox 5's stacey cohan has the story. >> reporter: the deadly accident happened just a few yards from this busy outlet mall. the concrete walls looked just like this one, 30 feet high, 40 feet wide, weighing 25 tons. investigators won't say exactly what happened, but around 10 a.m. the wall that was already upright in this spot came crashing down. >> both victims were working in the general vicinity of the wall. one victim was on an actual lift and was struck by the wall when they were on the lift. >> the other victim was on the ground? >> the other victim we believe was on the ground in the general vicinity. >> reporter: the crane towering above the accident site was carrying a lift which held one of the victims when the wall fell sweeping him off the platform and crushing him. the maryland live casino has been under construction at this site since earlier this year.
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when completed, it will be 300,000 square feet with 4,800 parking spaces and the same number of slot machines. the casino developer, the cordish company, did not explain why the wall fell but issued a statement offering condolences to the families of the dead and injured men. >> that was fox 5's stacey cohan reporting. maryland occupational safety and health investigator is on the case already. the work site has been temporarily ceased. a guilty plea today in the murder of a 19-year-old d.c. woman whose body has never been found. latisha frazier disappeared last august. 19-year-old cinthya proctor was arrested in february. today she pleaded guilty to second degree murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit evidence tampering. proctor said she was part of a group of people who beat up frazier, then tied her up and left her in a closet where she was supposed to die. proctor said she tried to help dismember the body but became sick and had to leave. she will be sentenced in
10:34 pm
november and faces life in prison. a maryland army guardsman will spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering an afghan civilian. sergeant derrick miller of hagerstown was found guilty of premeditated murder wednesday. prosecutors say miller killed the unarmed civilian after questioning him, then left the body near a latrine. miller claims the civilian was not -- was a threat to his unit and killed him in self-defense. an awol soldier accused of plotting another attack on the ft. hood army base is being held without bond. today federal prosecutors charged naser abdo with poe soggy an illegal firearm. as he was -- possessing an illegal firearm. as he was leaving the courtroom he shouted the name of the man who shot out the base in 2009. >> reporter: a close call, naser jason abdo caught with a bomb and weapons inside a
10:35 pm
backpack. he admitted to planning an attack near ft. hood taken into custody at a hotel nearly 3 miles from the army post gate. >> i can tell you we would probably be giving you a different briefing had he not been stopped. he bought 6 pounds of smokeless gunpowder, three boxes of shotgun shells and ammo. they credit a clerk for alerting them of his suspicious activity. >> didn't do anything special. i'm just grateful that the killeen police were able to locate this young man and prevent a potential catastrophe. >> reporter: this would have been the second terror attack in less than two years at ft. hood. howard ray survived the first attack back in 2009 and is glad to see folks staying vigilant. >> we're lucky to have people like that in gun stores not only here, but throughout texas but americawide that show that they're responsible and they're looking for these types of behaviors.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: ray says americans need to be aware these kinds of people are around waiting for an opportunity to strike. >> who's going to follow him up, you know? how many other people out there are waiting to fill those spots to commit those kinds of crimes? >> reporter: the fbi says abdo faces federal bomb making charges and will be transferred into federal custody. chris gutierrez, fox news. up next the auto industry shakes hands with the white house, what this will mean for you. also ahead. >> reporter: al gore done was an apollo 15 as -- gordon was an apollo 15 astronaut who has written a book about his stunning and controversial fall from grace. but first charles payne has your business report. >> wild week for wall street and an even wilder weekend for washington. lawmakers taking the debt deadline down to the wire. they have until tuesday to figure it out or risk a credit rating downgrade for america.
10:37 pm
adding to the pressure, confirmation that america's economy is stalling. uncle sam reporting on friday the u.s. economy grew a little more than 1% last quarter. that's less than the pros were expecting. also alarming first quarter growth down. the major indices in wall street losing ground and with stocks losing money investors finding comfort in gold. the shiny stuff ended the week at its highest price ever, nearly $1,630 an ounce. meantime president obama driving home new fuel standards, a deal with the automakers calling for cars to average 54.5 miles per gallon down the road. right now they average about half that. that's business. i'm charles payne. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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the auto industry has agreed to president obama's new fuel efficiency standards. they will double fuel fuel economy to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 requiring major changes to the way the cars were built. it will reduce u.s. oil consumption by 40%. it will cut the amount of greenhouse gas pollution in half. a warm welcome home for nearly 50 national guard soldiers who have served our country. the d.c. armory held this freedom salute ceremony for the soldiers who returned from deployment in iraq and afghanistan. one of them, for 9-year-old staff sergeant kenneth joyce, earned a purple -- 49-year-old staff sergeant kenneth joyce earned a purple heart after being hit by shrapnel. it took him three months to learn to work again. after three tours of duty here's how the staff sergeant responded when asked if he would go back.
10:42 pm
>> i'm here. if it's called, i'm going. >> staff sergeant joyce expects to have more surgery on his back very soon. here's what we're working on for the news edge at 11:00, commuters coming back to their cars to find tires and rims gone, where people are being targeted by thieves. a husband and wife serving in the air force score a home run during a trip to the ballpark, their life changing lucky break coming up. 
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the ex-astronaut banished from nasa after attacking a romantic rival has been kicked out of the navy. lisa novak will be forced to retire with an other than honorable discharge. she was accused of confronting a woman at the orlando airport in 2007. her discharge could affect her veterans benefits and her pay grade was knocked down one rank. 40 years ago today the astronauts of apollo 15 were on the move. they declared their mission a success, but after returning to
10:46 pm
earth nasa fired the apollo 15 crew for something they did in space and now all these years later one of them is finally talking about it. fox 5's bob barnard has the story. >> reporter: at the smithsonian's national air and space museum today al warden was signing copies of his new book falling to eart story of apollo 15 and the scandal that ended the careers of three nasa astronauts. >> we had a little problem with some postal covers and we got reprimanded and i had to leave houston and that was a real fall for me. >> reporter: apollo 15 blasted off to the moon 40 years ago this week. al warden was pilot of the command module. federal astronauts david scott and james irwin walked on the lunar surface. all three secretly carried souvenirs into space. >> they're called first day covers and it's a cover you put
10:47 pm
a stamp on and postmarked it on a certain day. >> reporter: in this case the day of launch and the day of splashdown. >> those are called first day covers and can be quite valuable. >> reporter: they secretly carried nearly 400 of them into space, made a deal with a german stamp collector to sell 100 of them and use the proceeds to set up trust funds for their children. nasa was none too pleased. >> we were the tail of a whip and the whole thing kind of came down on us, but yeah, it's not something that hasn't been done before. >> reporter: other crews had gotten away with it but not this time. warden later sued to get them back and won. where are they today? >> lord only knows, some of them sold, some of them still in safety deposit box. they're probably all over the world by now. >> reporter: by all accounts, apollo 15 was a successful mission, the first use of a lunar rover. warden made it into the guinness work of world records. >> i did a spacewalk and that
10:48 pm
was the furthest. >> reporter: 196,000 miles from earth, but he was never to fly in space again. >> there are a few dark days, but, you know, when you're me, you pick yourself up and you keep going. >> reporter: now if the first time al warden's -- for the first time al warden is sharing his remarkable story. bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> fascinating story. i never knew all that. you get a history lesson every night watching the news. >> nice job, bob barnard. >> nice job with the weather forecast. >> really? you think so? >> a little cooler. any other time for me to say temperatures will be in the mid- 90s we'd get oh, no, but today it's all right. >> we're not used to this. >> that relative humidity everybody has been complaining about, especially today, heat index over 100 degrees. i think the heat index for the weekend, well, let me start with this. in terms of this weekend let's just put it to you this way. because the glass is always
10:49 pm
half empty, right? no, it's always half full. cooler weekend ahead, but don't get too terribly excited, though, because i think temperatures will still be in the 90s and for tomorrow the temperatures will be in the middle 90s and there will be just enough humidity to bump the heat index up to 100 degrees again. i don't think it will get much over 100 degrees tomorrow, 90 in town at 10:00, still talking about 90 degrees, 81 for gaithersburg, frederick 82, hagerstown down in the 70s. some dying thunderstorms earlier this evening made out some cooler air. for some of you primarily montgomery county, parts of frederick county, loudoun county, fairfax county, maybe northern sections of prince william county and fauquier county got in on some of that cooler air that came down from the dying thunderstorms. it made a little bit of a difference. i got some e-mails and phone calls about it. so i know it helped a little
10:50 pm
bit. the heat index at this hour is still sitting at 92 degrees, a little bit muggy. here's the front that will bring the relief. not really. it will bring a little relief for us. we'll stay stuck in the 90s now for the next several days, but look this evening, band of thunderstorms coming out just as they crossed over into maryland. they just died out and that's what produced some of the cooler air as they were dying out earlier this eveni we still have a lot of thunderstorms in the backside of this front out into the ohio valley. that's not going to get here, though. it's going to touch extreme western maryland late tonight, but we'll stay dry, probably a few clouds. that's all we'll really get from this and again the front will get through us, but there's no cooling here. it will take away those higher humidities, though. where did my map go? we fly you down to the gulf of mexico. this is what was tropical storm don, what a wimpy storm this
10:51 pm
is. texas needed rain and with tropical storm don coming ashore. by the way now, tropical storm don has been downgraded to tropical depression don. winds are now only 35 miles per hour and all the rain gone. this really goes to show you how much dry air there is down into texas right now and dry ground, too. they really needed the rain, but they aren't going to get it. only a few cloud tonight, 81 in town. we warm up in a hurry again tomorrow. by lunchtime we're 92. looks like pretty good amounts of sunshine and by 5:00 still hovering around 95 degrees with heat indexes right around 100. so not as bad as today, but it's going to be a hot one and a little bit on the muggy side. here's futurecast tomorrow morning. a couple clouds lingering as the front passes through, but we will be dry. question is on sunday is looks like the front will be far enough to the south that any rain will be down around southern virginia and north
10:52 pm
carolina. it's showing there may be a straggler here or there. we'll include at least a very isolated chance of a shower or thunderstorm on sunday, but right now does not look like a deal breaker. 12 straight days 90 plus around here, it looks like we're headed for about -- well, that's right, 17 straight days and maybe even more than that. enjoy your weekend. stay cool. >> i know you guys like records in the weather center. >> we're all about records. >> i'm not enjoying this record. >> books and books of records. >> thank you, gary. back to the story that has the entire nation on edge now, the stalemate on capitol hill over the debt ceiling. bret baier is filling in for chris wallace on fox news sunday and i asked him if he's surprised by all this earlier. >> i'm not really surprised by it, laura. i'm actually surprised it took this long to have this kind of standoff because a lot of tea party conservatives believe that november '10 election was
10:53 pm
about this very thing, to stand off and to make sure that the government is working in a different way, to hold to their principles. they believe when they passed this bill, cut cap and balance that, that was the bill they were going to sand by. so this backen and forth of trying -- stand by. so this back and forth of trying to get a negotiation wasn't in their cards. so i'm not surprised by it. i am surprised by how long it's taken to get over that hump and to try to get something to the president's desk with this deadline looming that pretty much everyone acknowledges is a pretty bad thing for the country. >> absolutely. and that deadline is coming up august 2nd, next tuesday. how can any agreement at this point make it through congress in time for this deadline tuesday? >> well, there's a lot of minutia, a lot of in the weed here as far as legislative workings, but there is a way. all of paths, however, mean it's going to come right down to the wire even optimistically
10:54 pm
to senate majority leader harry reid does all his magic in the senate with a different kind of bill, it will have to pass the house with democratic support and a few republicans to get to the president's desk. that's the most realistic path because the house republicans path doesn't seem like it has -- it won't pass the democratic senate. >> let's talk about who you have on this weekend because we know it's going to be an interesting show sunday. >> definitely. we have the house majority whip kevin mccarthy. he'll be here as well as senators dick durbin and jon kyl talking about this grand compromise, whatever it could be, and gene spurling, one of the president's top economic advisors will give us the administration point of view. >> we'll look for you on fox news sunday right here on fox 5. thanks very much. coming up next the x factor hype is growing, simon cowell not exactly known for being a nice guy. so how does he feel about the
10:55 pm
auditions so far? an iraq war veteran hits a home run at the nats game but not on the field, hear how he hit the jackpot at 11:00. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price -- just $84.99 a month for a year -- only available online. go to to sign up,
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10:58 pm
he's still grump rei, he's still mean and he's usually -- grumpy, he's still mean and he's usually still right about the contestants. we caught up with simon cowell today on his newest music venture, the x-factor. >> reporter: still the undisputed most controversial judge on television, simon cowell returns to fox this september with the x-factor and for his millions of fans yearning for a little bite from the brit his critiques surely won't disappoint. >> stop singing. >> the whole point about trying to make a reality show is you've got to be real and this is what i'm like in real life, you know. if i hate somebody, i say i
10:59 pm
hate them and if i love somebody, i'm happy to say i love them, but to sit there and pretend that mediocre people are going to be stars is just ridiculous. so you'll see a lot of that kind of honesty on the show. >> reporter: already scanning the country for talent, simon is impressed with what he's seen so far. >> i am impressed. i have have no idea what we're going to find, but -- i have no idea what we're going to find, but i'm quietly confident. it's not just from the young kids which we expected good things from, it's the people in the older category who i was kind of slightly concerned they'd be a bit old-fashioned and not relevant, but the older singers have got a real chance of winning this competition. so i think we've done well. >> reporter: like the cliche says old habits

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